Words on paper soft as your skin

visit me with their warmth at night

when all the jaded brightness

disappears and leaves these

fateful scars behind; I hide when

in waiting, scared Iโ€™ll lose those sweet

summer rides that we made our own

with paper as soft as your skin

and the red of my shin and other

bruises alike, that like our longing

for each other, left its mark in the

strangest of places to find.


Ripened Sherries.

Pour me a trippy cup of that sherry

And sniff the earthโ€™s delicacy in life,

While I taste memories of love lost

to berries ripe.

Five (!?!)-word story. #3

Love: an addiction that kills.


Ambience – A photographers perspective.

via Photo Challenge: Ambience

The right blend of light, life, and perspective makes for a beautiful ambience.



This picture was taken at Gangaram Hotel, Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India.


Six-word story. #2

Can I sing with my eyes?


Six-word story – my first attempt.

I’m dead but I still breathe.


To an apparently New Year!

Hello, bubs.

Urban dictionary tells me that bub is a pet name for someone who is really special to you (well, of course, it has other meanings too – for example another word for babes or baby; uni-sex term, that women generally use – but this is what I am referring to).

So, it’s been a little longer than a week into the new year and things haven’t changed at all. That sounds quite ridiculous but I mean it in a very broad and philosophical sense. I mean if you really think about it the idea of a new year seems to be this illusory place where we can start afresh, where there is hope that things will be MORE productive, happy, calm, peaceful, fun, eventful – basically, our life will be MORE this year! But ‘time’ is such a personal and circumstantial thing. We have our bad days when just a week feels like we have survived a decade and a happy and productive month seems to disappear in just about a second. Also, there are so many horrifying things that have continued to happen even in this so-called New Year. The imaginary clock that we think demarcates and stops at 12:00 pm on New Year’s eve couldn’t stop all the horrors that have happened and are happening as we speak. It’s all so strange really. So, that was me inefficiently trying to word how anxious this new year is already making me. I really do think that my over-thinking is going to get the better of me someday. Why can’t I just close my mind for a while and enjoy like a normal who-men (human ๐Ÿ˜€ )!! I don’t know. And now I am trying to write all this in a sense to hide away from the fact that I haven’t been interested in posting anything for a while cause I’m having commitment issues with everything these days.

Well anyways if you have got this far with reading my terribly ranty post I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year !!!