Should I call you that?                            


I tell myself I should                              

because what I’ve fallen for                          

is an image of you in my head;                    

an image of you I have created;                  

I have nurtured,                                

shamelessly, with love.                                

That is why I fear to tell you

I love you.                                            

 because I fear, at what might happen,      

and it’s not just about you saying                

that you’ll never understand this.            

It’s about discovering parts of you              

I haven’t yet imagined.                                  

I haven’t yet feared.                                    

It’s about discovering our differences that from a distance seem so trivial.          

It’s about discovering you                              

don’t want to be loved by a woman.          

It’s about discovering that our walls        

are built too strong to break.                  

It’s about discovering that my love

for you is just a game I play.                                                                           

That there is more to you                            

than I can ever imagine,                            

that you have dreams too that you chase,

love that you crave.                                      

And in that moment all I can offer you      

is my friendship,                                              

my trust,                                                         

but from a distance.                                      

Because I’m too embarrassed to break          

in front of your

pretty face.

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