Date: 7th April 2017

Watching moving cars and trees from the thick transparent glass of the metro had a soothing, almost therapeutic effect on my frenzied brain. “Next stop Shivaji Stadium”, the recorded human voice declared from the speaker buried in some strange corner of the metro walls. I thought to myself – two more stops till I reach home, which is almost 20 minutes, which is quite a lot of time for giving in, to my FOMO and so I slipped my hands into my black backpack and pulled out the book, I had recently been reading. “page 56”, I repeated to myself as I took a moment to stare at the cover: a picture of a red-haired girl curiously gazing at the pebbles around her feet, above her head written in big, ‘Strawberry Girl’. The image of a boat and the ocean surrounded her from either side lifting her figure into the red tinted light of a sky that I can’t completely explain. As my eyes skimmed through pg 56-57 to find the lines where I had left off, a strong smell of Jasmine filled my nostrils. I looked up and realized that the metro had reached Shivaji stadium and a tall middle-aged man with a thick mustache was making his way towards me. His corrosive smell burned into my sanity like a broken bottle of perfume. Not knowing what all that Jasmine scent was doing to me he quickly made himself comfortable in the seat beside me before directing all his attention to the virulent game of candy crush on his tiny screen. Unable to read or move, I just stared at the page until my stop was near. I couldn’t be happier when the voice from the walls proposed that the next stop was Delhi Aerocity. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I pushed the book into my bag and zipped it shut.

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