I wrote that letter: a follow-up to my previous poem  “A love poem for a stranger”

I wonder if you know

That it’s me who wrote that letter.

I hope I could seduce you

With that shoddy poetry on a paper.

I might have been a bit too much

But that’s the thing about honesty,

It spills over like water from a bucket.

I hope I could make you feel something,

Something for me,

Or at least my poetry,

That to me sounds like vomit

From the mouth of a sick

screaming disgrace.

This whole affair is strange,

I know,

Sometimes I wonder if you would have written back

If I had given you my return address.

But my courage lasted only till the last

Line of that verse after which I just

Had to finish it and be done.

So I signed it off as J.W, the initials

Of my favorite author,

Hoping to leave an obscure clue

If you might want to find me

And write to me too.

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